Information about Elka

The Central Archives for Finnish Business Records (Elka) is the only institution in our country that specialises in the preservation of the documentary history of companies and business life. Elka’s operations are for the most part publicly financed: nearly 80% of our income comes from the Ministry of Education and Culture as a state subsidy granted by the National Archives. Another significant source of income is the annual subsidy granted by the City of Mikkeli. Elka’s own share of the financing, approximately 10%, is sourced by selling services to companies and archive users.

On these pages, you can find more information about us and the services we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us or even come and visit us in Mikkeli, if you are interested in handing over material or exploring our archives.

Elka in Brief

The aim of Elka’s operations is to secure the preservation of historical information and traditions related to Finnish business life. The material stored in Elka is intended to be utilised by researches in current and future academic disciplines as well as by anyone else who requires the information. For this purpose, Elka collects, processes and makes available documents generated by the activities of companies, private persons, associations and organisations. The concept of “document” also covers drawings, maps, photographs and various audio and video recordings.

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